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Based on its unique, Europe-wide expertise, DoubleCOOL guarantees first-class quality that extends to the field of door systems for refrigeration units. DoubleCOOL’s claim is given weight by its parent company, the Polyplastic Group — a company which has been producing and manufacturing acrylic glass for over 60 years and is the undisputed market leader throughout Europe, especially in relation to the production and marketing of window systems in the recreational vehicle industry.

Polyplastic history

History Polyplastic Group

A passion for acrylics made two 22 years old school friends in 1952 decide to found their own company: Polyplastic. The boys first started to sell acrylic sheet, but later they created their own acrylic production. The excellent characteristics of acrylic such as safer, more transparent and less weight than glass, resulted in the design of acrylic lightweight glazing.

Today the Polyplastic Group is European market leader for innovative acrylic glazing for motorhomes, caravans and boats. Also other glazing solutions are made for the automotive, construction and energy sectors. In total the Polyplastic Group has 250 employees and is still family owned.

The latest innovations are lightweight double pane acrylic doors for refrigerated cabinets. A patented unique frameless solution both for retrofit and OEM manufacturers has found already world wide recognition for saving energy up to 50% in supermarkets. DoubleCOOL is the name of the new company who designs, produces and distributes the acrylic doors. DoubleCOOL is part of the Polyplastic Group.

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DoubleCOOL, your partner for acrylic cabinet doors. The main focus of DoubleCOOL is design, production and worldwide distribution of acrylic doors. DoubleCOOL is your partner both for the retrofit market and new OEM refrigerated cabinets.

We value innovation and customer intimacy. We bring services that are centered around you and your requirements, both for retrofit and OEM solutions. Feel free to call us at +31 (0)10 446 11 00 for more information.

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