Acrylic Doors

Interview with Jessica Bernhardt, team leader “Freshness” EDEKA group

In Germany Adolf Scheck, chairman of the board of the EDEKA group and owner of several MARKTKAUF-Center belongs to the mentors which uses the innovative DoubleCOOL door systems in his supermarkets. Thus the dairy department of Scheck-In-Marktkauf-Center at Weinheim was equipped with DoubleCool doors in coordination with market manager Georg Zieger.

CoolStar door systems with the "Bright-Shining"-Wow-Effect

Below is an interview with Jessica Bernhardt, team leader “Freshness” EDEKA group. Here she reflects on her experiences with the doors over the past 6 months.

Was the installation of the new doors very time-consuming?

Answer Jessica Bernhardt:
It was almost like the elves had visited us. Overnight the doors were installed and in the morning the shop appeared in a new shining light. My employees and I thought, “Wow! This looks fantastic“. An interference of the sale did not take place at all.

How was your first impression when you saw the new doors?

As I already said, an absolute "wow-effect". Also my colleagues had bright shining eyes, on account of the beautiful new design which was provided by the new door front. One can almost say that the products, behind the doors were woken to a new life. Everything shines and stimulates the customer to grab and buy.

How do you judge the doors after half a year in practice, in the beginning your colleagues had doubts?

At the beginning it was of course a small readjustment. While loading the goods we had to handle more – ie opening the doors. This soon became second nature and today we hardly perceive this.

How do you judge the functionality of the doors?

They can be opened very easily. Also while loading they do not interfere. By means of a stopper they close very slowly. There is no accident danger, for example squeezing fingers or breaking fingernails. The maintenance is also a cinch. Within half a year we have cleaned the doors only three times with clear water and some washing-up liquids as well as micro fiber cloth. No user tracks are to be seen like fingerprints. The customers operate the doors very gently using the elegant handles. Really very easy-care. Up to now we have no complaints and also technically the doors work trouble-free. Up to now no spare parts were needed of my knowledge.

How do your customers like the design of the doors?

Simply superb! The whole department looks very nice and inviting. Also the customers are impressed and praise the nice view. Also the nice handles invite them to touch and use them.

Are the products in spite of the doors still mentioned?

As already said, the doors invite customers to open them and therefore do not build up barriers or hurdles. We were at first skeptical, but soon realized that on the contrary the customers praised the pleasant ambience. “Finally it is not so cold anymore and I don’t need to dress my children in a jacket if I want to buy a yoghurt“, a customer thanked me. Thanks to the warmer surroundings the visiting time of the customers has also clearly increased. The sales have not decreased in this department, in any case.

So the reaction of your customers to the new doors were positive?

Anyway. The customers have approached us and applauded the great look and feel of the doors and the improved ambience with the warmer temperatures, so that the former "escape behavior" from the dairy department belongs now in the past. I had already stated the positive comment of a mother with her child. And this was only one of many.

Your summary to the new DouleCOOL doors?

Simply perfect! This is not only my opinion, but also those of my colleagues as well as of all customers. The doors look even sales-supporting. It is a pity that we have made this decision to install the doors so late. For the future I would support a decision for the DoubleCOOL doors over and over again.


Supermarkets from the EDEKA group are innovative pioneers for the new acrylic doors. Interview with Jessica Bernhardt a member of EDEKA staff after using the doors for 6 months.