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Need to cool off? Go food shopping

The cynical reason a supermarket’s colder than the Arctic

One of UKs biggest Newspaper the Daily Mail takes the temperature of food chains to see which is the chilliest. You see, while temperatures across the UK in July were hotter than the Med, in supermarkets it’s a different story.

Need to cool off? Go food shopping.

Venture into some and you’ll find it’s more bracing than parts of the Arctic Circle, where it was 6C (42.8F) a week ago, compared with 5.4C (41.7F) in the meat aisle of my Sainsbury’s.

“Retail food outlets in the UK are responsible for around 3 per cent of all electrical consumption, and open freezers and chiller cabinets are incredibly inefficient. Can you imagine how much your electricity bill would rise if you left your fridge or freezer wide open all day?

Research shows that fitting doors on fridges and freezers in supermarkets could reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 per cent. And, in France, some supermarkets have signed an agreement to install doors on all cabinets in new stores, saving enough energy by 2020 to keep the whole UK running for two entire days.”

And the solution is so simple: For retrofitting into existing cabinets or for generating revolutionary new cabinets, the CoolStar doors are the ideal solution to bring uncompromised energy saving and improved “in-shop atmosphere” for convenient shopping.

Click here to read the original article. (Published August 11, 2016)