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Shopping turned into a nightmare

4-year old boy injured by glass door in supermarket

The Danish Newspaper BT reports about an accident that happened to a Danish family during their vacation. Their four-year old child was injured by a glass door in a supermarket in Jylland, Denmark. A cabinet glass door suddenly dropped on the four year old Benjamin, as he tried to open it and grab a yogurt. The large glass door hit him so hard on the forehead that he fell backwards and slammed with his head on the floor. The door fell on top of the little boy and he got surrounded by the shattered glass.

I just lay there, held him and cried with him

"There was glass and blood everywhere. He is bleeding from the nose and back of the head, and his mouth was filled with blood. My son screamed and screamed. I tried to comfort him, but I was even so shocked, that I just lay there, held him and cried with him. At home it seems that he had flashbacks of the accident. He has been very shocked, and he hardly dares to open doors or gates." Reported his mother to the newspaper.

Luckily the Boy was not badly injured and could leave the hospital very soon. The supermarket staff did everything they could to bring the situation to a good end.

Click here to read the original article. (Published August 27, 2015)