DoubleCOOL doors for retrofit and OEM cabinet manufacturers

We are organized to work in close cooperation with you. First we start to investigate your needs and requirements. This results in a detailed plan in a flexible approach with a clear result. This could be customer by customer or even project by project. Our service covers  Retrofit  or new glazing solutions; DoubleCOOL is your partner for acrylic cabinet doors.

Below process charts show our general  way of working, but for each potential project / relationship we will customize a solution accordingly.

Close cooperation

We are working in partnership with you and guarantee  the exact level of service that you require.  We  offer a unique personal approach to customer service. Our experience is that often cabinets differ from each other; together we establish which service level you require from us. 

Our services include the following possibilities:

  • We can merely be a supplier of parts and equipment, thus supply the doors and associated accessories
  •  we can supply doors, associated accessories and adapter profiles
  • We can do a complete new installation service or Retrofit service

Below are process charts to show the different, flexible ways of working with DoubleCOOL. The customer can choose which service they require.

Normally our doors fit with all kind of standard cabinet.  In case of special shaped cabinets we will design and produce custom made solutions. 


Timeline OEM

  • Our retrofit solution covers a package of adaption profiles together with a large number of door sizes.
  • DoubleCOOL offers a flexible retrofit solution depending upon the needs of a supermarket.
  • Due to our flexibility and large database of cabinets, we can guarantee an unique lead time of 4 weeks.

Retro construction and modelling based on true and exact measurements



Timeline OEM

  • In close cooperation with you, we offer easy solutions to integrate our doors in your cabinets.
  • We can supply our doors to your factory or on special demand directly to the supermarket where your team or the DoubleCOOL team can quickly install the doors into the cabinets.
  • We offer an unique possibility of double pane, frameless and light weight acrylic doors for all existing- and new cabinets.


Flexible solutions: Contact us today

DoubleCOOL, your partner for acrylic cabinet doors. The main focus of DoubleCOOL is design, production and worldwide distribution of acrylic doors. DoubleCOOL is your partner both for the retrofit market and new OEM refrigerated cabinets.

We value innovation and customer intimacy. We bring services that are centered around you and your requirements, both for retrofit and OEM solutions. Feel free to call us at +31 (0)10 446 11 00 for more information.

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